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How to Transition Staff to a New Location

Posted on February 25, 2016 by Walter Elemino in Setting Up

You’ve done it! You’ve purchased a spankin’ new building from a list of shops for sale in west midlands and you cannot wait to move in.

Making your move to a new location successful involves careful planning on your part. Taking the needs of your staff into mind whilst dealing with movers and paperwork, however, is no easy task.

Here’s what you need to do to make the transition from one building to another as easy as possible.

Hold a meeting

Start by informing your staff of the terms and conditions of the move. If there are new maintenance standards, give staff an outline of the changes in person or via email.

Take Inventory

Just because you found the best shop to let doesn’t mean your journey is over. There is still work to be done—especially with moving.

Start by assigning each member of your staff (particularly if you are a small business) an area they are responsible for inventorying. Ask staff to deliver that inventory list to a manager or supervisor of your choosing to ensure the items don’t get missed in the move.

Your staff knows which items are most important for their job, so this strategy guarantees your staff stays happy throughout the transition.

Communicate with Clients and Staff

Nip confusion in the bud by communicating with your clients and your staff members well in advance. Allow your staff to manage any accounts they may have by discussing the changes well in advance of the move. This prevents your clients from getting upset for not being informed of the move, and enables your staff to stay in their good graces.

With thorough communication, and by selecting the ideal shops to rent, you can give your staff and clients an easier way to transition into the location. A bonus tip is to change your advertising strategy to guarantee your clients know where to find you once things are settled.

Keep these ideas in mind once you select from the best shops to let throughout the UK.


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