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Starting a shop: Opening a tea room

Posted on August 24, 2015 by shopsforsale in Buying Shops, Setting Up

When it comes to buying a shop and starting a business, the British love of tea is well documented and for many people opening a tea room is the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition.

A tea room is rather distinct from a coffee shop and caters for a different type of customer.

The location of a tea room is crucial and it needs to be where there are a lot of people passing or where they are able to park up outside.

Indeed, tea rooms remain popular in this country even though the rapid growth in coffee shops has managed to overtake them in recent times.

In many areas there is probably a gap so it would be worthwhile to buy a shop, convert it into a tea room and meet the demands of the public.

Tea rooms will probably take more hours of work

Those opening such a venture should take time to research the market, looking into every aspect of what is needed and appreciate that it will probably take more hours of work than they are expecting.

Most tea rooms have a laid back atmosphere which helps give them their special feel and atmosphere and many have specialist or quaint ornamentation and furniture.

This means that opening a tea room will mean visiting antique and craft shops looking for items to use to decorate the premises.

It’s also important that the person opening a tea room is outgoing and friendly; repeat business will be vital to help the business succeed.

Most people visiting a tea room will be expecting a range of teas, as well as coffees, but they will also be looking forward to cakes and biscuits.

This is a marvellous opportunity to bake the products yourself and help boost profitability on every visit.

There are also lots of wholesalers who can sell and/or deliver the cakes for the customers.

Rapid growth in the sale of herbal and fruit teas

The one thing to take note of is that while tea sales are falling in the UK, they have been matched by a rapid growth in the sale of herbal and fruit teas.

This means that tea lovers are increasingly looking for speciality and unusual teas, particularly green and fruit teas.

In order to exploit the potential of a tea room, anyone opening such a business will need to be aware of these trends and help meet them.

Don’t forget too that a tea room will need to be scrupulously cleaned and that the orders will need to be delivered promptly. Most of this work will inevitably be done by the person starting the business until they are in a position to hire people.

Finally, opening a tea room is a business that the owner should be passionate about, probably more so than many other outlets, because you will have to enjoy it and enjoy meeting people and that enthusiasm will lead to growing popularity and profits.


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